210mm Fuzi Popper

210mm Fuzi Popper

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210mm 100g Popper

Designed with every level Fisho in mind.

This 8 inch dream stick comes ready with a 37mm cup face to make it super easy to use. With this design, you can expect to get wet with a big wet splash, using minimal effort. 

2mm straight through wire and finished with multiple coats of high gloss epoxy making a nice smooth finish.

This popper has been design to handle a wide range of hooks so that it can be used for a broad range of species. 

Recommended hook and split ring set up:

Twin 6/0 Trebles for the big fellas or as small as 4/0 Trebles for a better hook up rate for reef flat species, tuna, queenies etc.
Split rings- Size 8 or 9.

**Batteries not included 🤣